Hickey Freeman's Social Responsibility

117 years later, Hickey Freeman Tailored Clothing continues to believe in investing in America by manufacturing, hiring and training domestically. As a natural extension of our core values we are investing in veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and celebrating them as civic assets. Our Hickey Freeman Fellowship provides paid internships for veterans. Our Community Service Group focuses employee volunteerism on supporting veterans and their families in local Rochester, New York. 

We partner with other NGO's in the veteran's community as well as shared-values corporate partners to help prepare returning veterans for their next chapter and professional careers at home. As over 200,000 veterans return home each year, we believe we all have a role to play positioning veterans for success and unleashing the power of the skills and character they developed in services to help build a stronger America. Hickey Freeman's role, naturally is to create and donate suits for internships, interviews and starting work. Heroes & Leaders suits are manufactured in our Rochester facility. In 2017, we've partnered with Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS) to provide suits to recent hires. Additionally, we've committed to providing suits to the Fall 2017 graduating class of FourBlock , a career readiness organization. 

To help create awareness of the power of veterans in the workforce, and to encourage American employers to recognize their value, we launched the Purpose Never Ends marketing campaign in Fall 2017 that celebrates veterans and their success after service.