Homer Reed Ltd. Tailoring & Shoe Shine


Trouser Alterations 

No alteration charge on in house garments

Service Price
Plain Bottom $20
Cuff $30
Taper Leg $50
Crotch $20
Waist / Seat / crotch $40
Waist, Seat only $30
Replace Pocket $30
Change Pocket (inside) $20
Remove Pleats $60

Shirt alterations

Service Price
Sleeves $30
Sides $30
Darts $20

Vest Alterations

Service Price
Sides in or out $30

Coat Alterations

Service Price
Sleeves $30
Elbow Patches $30
Sides $40
Shorten Collar $50
Lower Collar $50
Pad shoulders $30
Shorten Coat $70
Change Buttons $20
Arm Hole $50
Lining Coat $160

Skirt - Dress Alterations

Service Price
Shorten Skirt $60
Side & waste in $35
Only sides in $30
Same day service on outside garments add $25
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Homer Reed Ltd Down Town

Located across the street from the Brown Palace behind the red dutch door. Come take a load off and let our experienced shoe shine make your shoes look brand new. Give them a call at (303) 298-1301 or just drop by the Down Town location.