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Thousands of body scans, millions of data points and the latest 3D modeling software went into our 99 unique sizes - and an algorithm that makes it easy for anyone to find their perfect fit using 3 simple measurements.


Ingram's timeless style from Sansepolcro Italy brings an elegant yet affordable tailored shirt to the metro area. Ingram prides itself on the reliability and the quality of every garment, giving you, the consumer, confidence in their product. Ingram has been doing this since 1949.

Ingram made to measure


Scott Barber

Scott Barber 

Everyone at Scott Barber wants to exceed your expectations and become your favorite clothing brand.  Meticulous attention is paid to fit so that you will be comfortable and look your very best.  Every detail is important to us, from materials and color palettes to construction details.

Robert Talbott

In 1950, following a siren call westward like many East Coast cosmopolites before them, Robert and Audrey Talbott and their young son, Robb, arrived in Carmel, California. They brought with them a deep-rooted sense of tradition and value, an appreciation of craft, and perhaps most importantly, an innate understanding of and dedication to quality.

Robert Talbott


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Alberto Pants


Alberto jeans, perfect fabric meets the perfect fit. Available in 3 Fits; Tommy Comfort Fit describes a loose cut with a comfortable rise and casual leg width. Stone Modern Fit pants are lower rise with a modern silhouette. Pipe Regular Slim Fit offers slim limbs and narrow legs. Jeans that you would prefer never to take off. 


Ballin is the leading North American manufacturer of men’s pants and shorts. They take pride in their product, and the exceptional value delivered to our customers and fans.  Ballin works closely with Homer Reed Ltd. to deliver a seamless experience. 



Ballin Pants
Hiltl Pants


Hiltl has been meticulously tailoring the world’s finest trousers for men since 1955 with a keen yet sober understanding of quality. Using special machines designed exclusively for Hiltl and relying on the best sewing workshops in Europe. In line with trouser cuts expertly fashioned on the basis of German precision, creating the perfect fit for everybody shape and leg length finished by hand.

Bills Khakis

I t all began back in 1984, when their founder bought a pair of World War II era khakis at an army surplus store near his college. He felt that modern-day khakis paled in comparison. So he vowed to recreate this symbol of original American style for modern men. What started as a garage operation quickly turned into a growing business. Today, Bills Khakis is setting the standard with their khakis

Bills Khakis

For over 60 years Homer Reed Ltd. has set the standard for quality menswear in Denver. Whether for casual, business or formal attire, you will find everything you need just inside our signature red doors. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will guide you in selecting the perfect pieces for all your wardrobe requirements.
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