Three Must Have Outfits

Wearing a suit in any business situation conveys a sense of respect that is a very important tool in the modern world. Generally the darker the suit the more authority is transmitted. There are three suits every man needs in his arsenal to easily prepared for those tough business situations. First and foremost a solid dark navy suit portrays a respectable amount of authority. The second must have suit is charcoal grey, it takes the aggressive edge off while still showing strong authority. The last must have suit is medium blue for it’s positivity and neutrality in business settings. There are many different patterns that can be used in different settings but these three are sure to give any prospective executive and edge in the workplace.

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With today's fashion trends a suit might not be what you are looking for. To further your wardrobe and get the most out of your cloths Homer Reed Ltd. is extending its career kickstarter to include a two outfit deal . An outfit will consist of a sportcoat, a dress or sport shirt and a pair of pants . Homer Reed Ltd. is here to make this experience quick and painless.