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Notes from Homer himself

By Homer Reed


At the turn of the century there was a decided difference between men and gentlemen. That distinction was shown by the clothing we wear as to respect for whoever you're with. 

As storekeepers, our goal is to show our guests the secrets of dress so they may embody confidence in the most demanding environment.

May we suggest there is a difference between men’s clothing and men’s business clothing. One is a requirement, the other a refinement. Business clothing must be appropriate to the individual, to those who will see the individual and the occasion in which he and his audiences find themselves.

Not that all this is absolutely necessary for the world to go around, but it is certainly a prerequisite if the world is to go around well at all. Which brings to mind a quot from John Henry Newman. John Henry was an english theologian and poet in the 1800s who defined a gentleman as being one who never offends. Not their subjects, audience or occasion but in fact pleases all three quite well.

At this point it seems only human for the topic of cost to enter our thoughts. At first glance it would appear that the price of one suit in our store might be the same as the sum of two or three men’s suits in department stores or discount shops.

For your consideration may we suggest that the feel, appearance and wearability of our clothing will be far more than two or three times better for you, your audiences and the occasion. This is to say nothing of the styling of our clothing, which is traditional.

As you may or may not know, traditional clothing withstands the vagaries of fashion fads and is as good now as it was in the past and will continue to be in the future. You will appreciate the superior economical advantages of traditional wearing quality and styling, especially in terms of today’s prices.

To be of service in achieving that end, a trip to a men’s store near you like Homer Reed Ltd. will be well worth your time. With two locations to serve you, Downtown and Denver Tech Center.

Open Monday through Saturday 

-Homer Reed